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Shoes are the best boyfriends. They always give you support, always look fabulous, and really don't care if you have more than one!

This blog is for shoes we love. In addition to pictures, we'll hopefully be providing links to where you can find said shoes, as well as info on cost.

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  1. And now, a rainbow of amazingly adorable shoes from Poetic License! If you want a statement-making shoe at a reasonable price, Poetic License has you covered. Just check out this array of awesome pumps!

    The ruby red, ruffly Love Letter can be yours in the mail for USD$109.25 here.

    The yellow Eyeconic pump with its multicolored flower accents is on sale for USD$98 here.

    The sassy green-checkered Charm School can be found for USD$109.25 here.

    The sweet navy Rainmaker with its fluttery accents can be purchased for USD$109.25 here.

    The satin-bowed, eggplant Sweet Ending is available for USD$109.25 here.

    And the pretty in pink Apple Pie, sporting a Mary Jane style and a cute apple embellishment can be found for USD$78.40 here.

    I’ll take one of each!

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